Gardsec Retail Security

Any retailer knows that the threats to the business can be external and internal: whether the main issue is shoplifting or shrinkage, they can mean the difference between profit and loss.

So a retail security installation from Gardsec is a wise investment.

The latest intruder alarm systems will deter would-be burglars, and if they do try to break in, they will alert the police via our central control monitoring station that inspects the premises via audio and video links. The trained staff assess whether a burglary is likely to be taking place and act rapidly, whatever the time of day or year.

All too often, criminals attack small retailers because they find them a soft target. If you install effective and highly-visible security then your business has a better chance of avoiding this problem: and if you are unlucky enough to suffer a robbery then effective CCTV means that the culprits can be more easily identified and put behind bars before they can repeat the offence.

Digital hard-disk recording CCTV systems, including discreet monitoring, will also help you focus on precisely where money is going out of the door. At the same time, CCTV can provide vital evidence of wrongdoing, which may be critical if you are planning a dismissal or disciplinary action. It is important to avoid the cost, management time and risk of losing the case if an employee problem goes to an industrial tribunal.

Think of your staff and think of your customers. None of them deserve to be put at risk. Call Gardsec for effective retail safety solutions: 020 7183 3999 or email us here

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