Gardsec Public Security

In schools, colleges, Government buildings or any public-sector office, there is a need for high-quality security to protect the public and the staff.

There is also a requirement to prove that the system is fit for purpose and that a best-value solution has been adopted: Gardsec knows this and is prepared to put forward a scheme that will pass any independent scrutiny.

In any building that is even partly open to the public, it is important to monitor, control or limit access according to the required level of security. We install flexible, vandal-resistant video/audio door entry systems, specified according to your requirements.

Our intruder and fire alarm systems trigger appropriate responses from the police and other emergency services when needed, at any hour. If the intruders attempt to cut off the alarm’s fixed-line connection, a tamper-proof GPRS system ensures that the alert is raised and that the police are called.

Do your premises have CCTV? If so, is it an old videotape system? Unless you are equipped with the latest high-resolution colour cameras installed in all areas of risk, and with a digital, hard disk recording system, then you are not sufficiently protecting your team or the general public.

We are prepared to bid for projects that fall within the requirements for a competitive tendering process.

Gardsec is happy to supply authorities with the required evidence that it has a solid financial and business record and meets all industry standards.

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  • Cutting-edge public sector solutions

  •  Fit-for-purpose security systems

  • Best-practice alarm and CCTV installations

  • Controlled, secure access where you most need it