Gardsec Commercial Security

Every business, commercial premises or public building is different – and so are the security systems that Gardsec designs, installs and services.

 All of our systems are bespoke, carefully tailored to the needs of our commercial clients. We listen carefully to your requirements, because you know best what you want to achieve. Our experts know best how to specify a solution to meet your objectives, cost-effectively.

 Gardsec covers all your needs from intruder alarms, through fire safety systems and access control to CCTV.

Alarm Systems

We will construct a system that uses motion sensors or is set off by physical breakages or the opening of doors or windows, according to the particular needs of each location on your site. When the alarm is raised, testing systems that we have pre-installed can be used by the central monitoring station to assess the situation before calling the police if needed.

Fire Protection

Various manually-operated and automatic alarm triggers raise the alert for the fire service to respond in double-quick time.

Access Control

Conditional access can be granted to various categories of staff, contractors, customers and the general public according to the specification that we work out with you. Our systems are durable and attractive.


Most businesses and organisations nowadays need CCTV and it can be as simple or as complex as your operation and your location demand. It is also now of a very different quality to the poor-resolution systems of the past.

 Meeting all applicable regulations, our equipment and service are top-class and our aim is to exceed your expectations.

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