Commercial Alarm Monitoring Service

Our monitored alarm security systems add an extra layer of protection

• Out-of-Hours business protection

• Generates a Police response to an intruder on your premises

• An essential service for commercial properties

• Fire and Ambulance services can be linked into the system

24/7 Protection

Our burglar alarm systems are coupled with an around-the-clock alarm monitoring service which gives your business added protection and maximizes your peace of mind. The staff at our Central Station monitoring centres are on duty 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Police Response

When the alarm system is triggered by an intruder, a message is sent to the Central Station. Immediately they will use specialised audio and video equipment to verify whether there is an intruder within the building (we call this “sequential confirmation”). On verification, they will alert the police station as to the burglar’s presence. Sequential confirmation relies upon sensors that Gardsec install at carefully-selected locations around your premises.

Emergency services

We hope you never have to call the police or the other emergency services. But in order to be prepared for all possible crises, our systems can be set up so that if there is a need for ambulance or the fire brigade, they can be contacted in tandem with the police. You can read more about our Fire Alarm systems here.

We offer various Monitored alarm systems, including:

Custodian Monitoring

Custodian provides monitoring for business customers across the UK, with state-of the-art monitoring and outstanding customer support 24 hours a day, 365 days… Read more

Digital-Communicator Monitoring

The  communicator is a low cost option.  It is only providing a single path to the ARC ( Alarm Receiving Centre) using existing telephone line ….Read more

RedCare GSM Monitoring

RedCare is leading commercial alarm and fire monitoring system, designed specifically to meet the requirements of a Grade 2 Grade 3 or Grade 4 commercial intruder alarm and fire alarm systems ….Read more

Dual Com Dual Path Monitoring

DualCom GP is a dual-path alarm signalling solution that uses two communication channels to reliably deliver alarm notifications. With this cost-effective system, suitable for any control panel, events are sent primarily over a secure GPRS network, with a PSTN line serving as backup. …Read more

Emizon Dual Path Monitoring

Emizon 21 is a smart, secure dual-path alarm signalling service, using broadband and GPRS networks, …Read more

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