Gardsec Industrial Security

Whether you are making widgets or running a warehouse, you want to be able to concentrate on the business in hand.

If you have valuable machinery, vehicles, stock or computer systems on your premises then you can ill-afford to lose them or suffer fire damage.

Break-ins and vandalism are distractions from productive work, and involve unwanted costs and disruption: Gardsec will construct a security system that will help you to avoid losses and help you sleep at night.

If the burglars try to disable the mains power to one of our alarms, the secure GPRS system kicks in and ensures that the alarm is raised immediately.

CCTV is an important aid: in an era where more and more facilities have it, those who do not are at elevated risk. It acts as a positive deterrent and provides evidence for insurance and the police. Many factory units are on isolated sites and may be dark and tempting to criminals. Infra-red night-time cameras can be used in poorly-lit areas. Modern colour cameras provide clean images, a world away from the old fuzzy black and white videotapes.

Fire alarm systems include smoke alarms, physical ‘break the glass’ units, heat sensors and sprinklers, linked to the emergency services.

Our industrial equipment meets all insurer standards and our fire alarm systems meet all applicable fire regulations.


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• Industry-hardened intruder and fire alarm equipment

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