Gardsec Business Security

In an age of computer theft, white-collar crime and industrial espionage, you can’t afford to take the security of your offices lightly.

Physical security protection, in the form of access control and a remotely-monitored alarm system, will help to avoid your business being put at risk.

We can install the latest wireless alarm systems in your premises, for high-level protection without having to disrupt your operation. If you are renting offices then this avoids the need to upset the landlord by digging cables into walls. Installation costs are a fraction of those in traditional wired systems.

And our door entry units are not only tough enough to endure the hard knocks of commercial use, but are also attractive and will enhance your company’s image in the eyes of visitors. If you need to record comings and goings, then talk to us about monitoring systems that can keep track of individuals’ movements.

You may well require CCTV surveillance, for outside areas like entrances and car parks, or for internal corridors. If so, Gardsec has the very latest hardware and software to capture and digitally record every movement in sharp detail, for greater security and for meeting the requirements of even the most demanding insurance companies.

Safeguard your staff, your visitors and your business at all hours by calling in Gardsec, on 020 7183 3999  or email us here

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