Commercial Fire Alarm Systems - Installation Maintenance

• Competitive prices compared with national security & fire alarm companies

• Full range of commercial fire detection, fire alarm, and security equipment supplied

• Specialists in fire & security system installation, repairs & upgrades

• Free system warranty for up to three years on new installations (one year minimum)

• All Gardsec-supplied fire alarm equipment & installation meets the requirements of BS 5839 Part 1

BS5839 Part 1


This regulation requires that the Fire Alarms on your premises be covered by a maintenance programme. Gardsec can carry out this obligation for you.

The British Standard further recommends that your fire alarms are serviced four times a year, or not less than twice a year depending on the size of the fire protection system (which in turn relates to the extent of your premises and the degree of hazard present in your operation) .

Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 (FSO)

Generally known as the Fire Safety Order or FSO, this is the main piece of legislation that covers all non-domestic premises in England and Wales. More specifically, the law applies to you if you are:

– Responsible for business premises

An employer (or are self-employed) with business premises

Responsible for a part of a dwelling where that part is solely used for business purposes

A charity or voluntary organisation

A contractor with a degree of control over any premises

Providing accommodation for paying guests

The Gardsec team will ensure that you remain compliant with the regulations, even when new laws are introduced and upgrades may be required.

Fire Alarm Systems Supply & Installation

Gardsec not only supply the best commercial systems, but just as important is our quality of fitting. We can advise you and construct a system that meets your specific business needs. Here are some brief examples:


Fire Suppression

This involves the use of sprinkler systems that will douse fast-spreading flames rapidly. High-risk buildings, offices, factories and industries require this type of fire system.


Fire Alarm Detectors

The best way to stop fire is to detect it at the outset. A Fire Alarm Detector emits an instant signal even before the fire has begun to spread, by recording a change in ambient temperature.

Smoke Detectors

The UK government has made it compulsory for every building to have a smoke detector installed. This is not very expensive but should be carried out by trained personnel.


Fire alarm call points

These ‘break the glass’ units allow individuals to set off the fire alarm system manually when they detect smoke or fire. They form an essential component of any system for public buildings, offices and factories.

For advice on these and other specific fire-fighting support services, contact us today.


Fire Alarm Installation London – Leave it to the Experts!


A fire alarm system is necessary for every building either residential or commercial. It is also essential in industries and factories where hazards can easily happen. Fire alarms systems help raise an alarm about a potential fire in the area. If the alarm system is capable of sounding off the burglar alarms, residents and occupants present in the building too can vacate the building and move to a safer area. Installing these systems therefore needs a lot of knowledge and precision. Every component has to be rightly linked to the main system to make sure that the system is effective enough. Only if the components are installed rightly will it serve the purpose. For e.g. only if the fire and smoke detectors are installed in the right place and connected to the system will it be able to detect fire or smoke within the radius. Installing the fire alarm systems also need the specialists to know how to program the systems.


It is therefore essential that installation specialists are well trained engineers who meet the industry standard specifications and requirements. Installing fire alarm systems includes fire proof cabling, installing smoke detectors, fire alarms, manual call points, emergency lighting etc. installing the entire fire alarm system and its components requires a lot of understanding, attention and care.


Fire alarms maintenance in Greater London are experts in fire alarm installation methods. Our team of experts has installed different types of fire alarm systems both for residential as well as huge commercial purposes. Our installation methods depend largely on the purpose of you needing a fire alarm system and the layout of your building or home. Only after visiting the premise and carefully understanding its layout, do we recommend the type of fire alarm system and components that is suited. Installing the fire alarm systems and its components also hugely depends on the area your building or area and location.


We have all the expert knowledge and the best engineers who are well qualified to install the most complex and them most advanced fire alarm systems. We not only install the systems but we also design the layout of the system and its components in your building or home. This is to ensure that you receive maximum protection and safety from the dangers of fire and smoke. You could also approach our team of experts who are available with just a single call just incase you want to consult them on installation charges, methods etc.


Our work ethics and knowledge are the best in fire alarm installation in Greater London. Along with installation, our services which include maintenance, repairs etc are also carried out by professional expertise. Our group is capable enough to understand all your requirements which also help us ensure that your building is fully protected from any kind of fire threats. You could also approach our team for free assessments and recommendations just incase you need to improve an already existing fire alarm system in your building.