Commercial CCTV Installation - Maintenance - Repair

Gardsec design and install any type of Closed Circuit Television System (CCTV) from a basic single camera, or for most commercial applications, a comprehensive multi-camera colour system. Pictures are captured on one or more digital video recorders (DVRs) that use the latest technology for pin-sharp imagery. Internal or external: colour or monochrome: discreet or covert: the range of systems is wide, and now also includes infra-red imaging for night-time surveillance.

We only specify high-quality, durable products from leading manufacturers, so that we build systems that will stand up to the rigours of commercial operation.

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 Digital CCTV Systems

To ensure the very best results, all our new Surveillance Systems are Digital. They employ networked PC technology to capture the images relayed by the cameras. The software digitizes and compresses the multitude of data into a manageable format that can be stored on a DVR hard drive. Any images that are required for later review can then be accessed at will: we will consult with you as to how long you want to keep your data, and will build your system accordingly.

Digital CCTV Surveillance Systems produce a much higher resolution, for clearer, better-defined pictures than from traditional systems and with less moving parts or recording degradation over time. Even unlit areas can now be protected using night vision infra-red cameras.

If you have to identify burglars, arsonists, vandals or other criminals then you need to be using this latest technology.

CCTV Maintenance Repair


Commercial CCTV systems have a hard life, being exposed to the elements and potential malicious damage.

It is essential that they are backed up with a programme of maintenance visits, involving the testing and repair or replacement of any broken or sub-standard elements in the system.

In a business such as a factory or a retail store, or a public building like a school or town hall, the CCTV system is likely to be complex, involving many cameras, long cable runs, and multiple networked PCs and DVRs. Let the Gardsec experts who installed the system maintain it to the same high standards.


Covert and Discreet CCTV Camera Systems

Visible CCTV cameras can of course deter criminal acts around your premises.

But you may be aware that crimes are nevertheless taking place and a more subtle approach is necessary to catch the criminals and produce evidence for any court action.

Gardsec can install covert and discreet cameras in hidden places around your property. They are especially useful for tackling such problems as shoplifting; stock shrinkage; and even bullying at work or school.


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