Commercial Intruder Alarms

There are few businesses or commercial or public bodies that can afford not to protect their premises with intruder alarm systems. Insurers routinely require them as a precondition of supplying cover. They will often also specify the type and level of security, especially in areas in and around London that have bad crime records.

Choosing the right alarm system for your buildings is complex and it is definitely not an in-house decision: it requires expert guidance from a genuinely independent security firm.


Monitored Alarms

Gardsec install complete integrated business and commercial alarm and monitoring systems. These not only include the network of on-site alarm sensors (contact sensors or movement sensors) and the alarm itself: but your premises are also linked to remote, permanently-manned backup facilities by landline and mobile communications (for dual-layer security).

The monitored alarms are continuously linked to a “Central Station”. The Station immediately checks the premises for an intruder using sequential confirmation (CCTV and audio equipment) that has also been installed by Gardsec: and if positive evidence is found of a possible intrusion, the Station informs the Police and nominated keyholders.

Wireless Alarm Systems

Monitored alarms can be installed as traditional hard-wired, or wireless systems. Wireless, battery-powered sensors can now be installed quickly and cost-effectively without the expense or inconvenience of chasing wiring into existing buildings.

Gardsec’s award-wining professional wireless intruder alarm systems are easy to operate, yet are the most sophisticated available in the UK.


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